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Earth Charms

Marlene Buffa

Earth Charms creatress, Marlene Buffa expresses her creativity in many outlets. A life filled with music, singing, sewing, writing and dance, she integrated her love of history and study of cultures to build Earth Charms. We know you'll enjoy them! www.earthcharms.com

Seren Siren

Serene Siren, Jewelry artisan, hand made, Ocean, shells, wire wrapping

Serene Siren was born from the love of seashells found on the Outerbanks, NC and beaches around the country. Her creative urge is to express the individuality of each shell or fragment. Seashells are protective homes for various ocean creatures, so they represent shelter.  Many times the uniqueness of a shell fragment or piece of sea glass speaks of a lifetime tumbling on the waves.  Serene Siren believe this journey mirrors many of our own, where our beauty is modified and enhanced by life's challenges.  She feels each piece is a sculptural work of art unlike any other.  Her materials, that she reuse, recycle & adapt and processes are environmentally friendly.  Represents-protection, shelter, retreat to heal & water renewal. 

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