Welcome to Gypsy's Magick

We are set to journey into a world of magick, sharing with those on a path of self discovery.  Open to recognize a world of elements bridging a connection to Spirit.

Our philosophy:

Search not just for an answer, seek a path to magick and your truth.


Birthed from a Dream

Elements of Spirit

E.O.S. was birthed from a dream seven years ago. I was visiting family back home in Texas. Early one morning, I went out to greet the morning Sun and welcome the beautiful day.  

Just standing on the porch, sipping my coffee, I looked across the way, into the horizon, then there she was. A tree, with the Sun just peeking through her branches.  She glowed, in that moment, I felt all the love one human could possibly bare.  How magnificent, her branches reaching out lovingly in every direction. With the slightest breeze, she casted dancing shadows on the grass.  Her shadow mirrored her beauty, and revealed a depth that can only be imagined. 

I was mesmerized, my heart filled with love and peace. That evening I dreamt of birthing a child, her face was glisten with colors and stars as if looking into the universe. I felt a connection to Spirit, there she awakened within me a world deep inside.  Rekindling the power of my womb, awakening the Goddess.

The connection to Spirit, can come from many elements in your quest for knowledge, desire to connect to the everything, a passion for your dreams. With a change in perspective & vision, an open mind & heart we can experience the phenomenon of our own magick & truth.  E.O.S. aspires to offer items made by artisans, craftsman, herbalists and healers in the heart of maintaining tradition and culture. 

The Founder

I am Gypsy Luna, a purveyor of magick, some say I am a bruja, curandera, witch, medicine woman, even a Shaman.  I say I am just a woman who has walked many paths, I am a Traditional Cultural Practitioner. My approach to my work is simple and with no secrets. I use humor, honesty, and passion. 

E.O.S. is a very important part of my dreaming and passion to unlocking all doors to countless possibilities on my journey.