Wisdom Keepers

Who are Wisdom Keepers

The definition of a Wisdom Keeper is simple, yet complex. It is the path of ultimate accountability with integrity. Even though there are sacred tools and techniques that are passed down from generation to generation, the path of the Wisdom Keeper is more of a way of life. It is a way of interpreting, perceiving, experiencing and interacting with life intimately.  For example, it’s the wisdom of knowing that all things are in relation to each other. That all healing and connection comes from the heart – be it with another human, an animal, mineral, or Spirit.

A Wisdom Keeper knows Spirit is in communication with us all of the time. Most times Spirit communicates through the symbolic meaning of repeated images or messages, dreams, animals or birds. They see Spirit as being in constant communion with all things – even during life’s darkest hours.

A Wisdom Keeper shares wisdom with others through guidance within the deep crevasses of their own true heart.  They never impose their opinions or perceptions on another. A true Wisdom Keeper knows true wisdom, love and truth are found within the Higher Self.

A Wisdom Keeper will guide an individual to ‘reconnect’ or listen for the truth from their own Higher Self – so as to strengthen a person’s intuition. Intuition is connected to the heart space. It tells us when something is in alignment or when it isn’t.  When we follow our intuition, good things follow. When we don’t follow our intuition regret usually follows. A Wisdom Keeper can help others build trust with their intuition and reconnect to the heart through healing, journey work and sacred ceremony.

Come Journey

Inspired by many while on our journey toward discovering our truth through self awareness, ceremony, healing and awakening.  E.O.S. has crossed paths with elders, wisdom keepers and people of medicine.  Our hope is to bring these individuals to offer their wisdom, traditions and knowledge to you.  

Public workshops will be posted on our community calendar. Classes by wisdom keepers will be featured on our members only page.